Carstone Tournament

Session 1: From Bar Fights to Forest Fires

plus an awkward encounter with a girl.

Our story began in a tavern on the road to Carstone, where Teflon was being set upon by four undesirable bandits. Eduggan the Dwarf and Larkin the Halfling, who were sharing a table, got up to help. A fistfight ensued wherein our heroes beat up the four men, with many a flying kick and wooden chair to the head. After the fight the tavern keeper confronted the group over the state of his bar. Grenn intimidated the man, earning the group 10gp each and a rough nights sleep by the road. As it turned out, the four were all on the way to the Carstone tournament, so for safety the group reluctantly agreed to proceed on together along the road to Carstone.

Some hours later our heroes were approached on the road by a poor man, who “persuaded” the group to head blindly into the forest in order to save his daughter. It was a trap! The group carried torches and closed in from all sides. Eduggan’s Urgrosh claimed 3 lives, Teflon summoned a pack of rats who made short work of another and Larkin and his dog, along with Grenn, finished off the rest. They ventured further into the forest to discover a clearing with a small house in the centre. Eduggan strode boldly up to the door and knocked, revealing a small blind girl, the daughter of the man he had just killed. However this encounter was cut short by the sounds of crackling and a great thump. The dead bandits’ torches had set the forest ablaze and a giant tree had fallen over, blocking the way back to the road. A short sleep spell subdued the blind girl, who was secured to Teflon’s summmoned mount. One half of the group mounted up and leapt heroically over the fallen tree, which was momentarily extinguished by a spell. Meanwhile Eduggan and Grenn raided the house for anything of value before blindly pushing deep into the forest, away from the fire and the road.


Couldn’t of put it better myself


Neither could I. :P


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