Carstone Tournament

Session 2: Escaping the Law

After escaping setting out south through the dense woodland, Grenn and Eduggan finally emerged from the forest and escaped the flames licking at their backs. They then decided to try and spend the night at the nearby town of Horwel. Grenn bought a room for the night while Eduggan made camp outside and they both rested to gather their strength.

Meanwhile to the north of the forest, Teflon, Larkin and his pet wolf emerged with the blind girl out into the open away from the raging forest fire. Only to be halted by a group of town guards from a nearby town called Brecanholt, led by a bigoted guard captain named Hrodgar Hervisa. Hrodgar instantly assumed they had caused the forest fire and kidnapped the girl so they arrested them and took them back to Brecanholt to be put on trial for Ridnapping.

The next morning back at Horwell, Grenn and Eduggan were approached by a haggard man informing them of Teflon and Larkin’s plight. Grenn begrugingly agreed to go and help them with Eduggan, and after haggling at a stable aquired a horse for 50Gp which sped them on their way to Brecanholt.

Meanwhile back at Brecanholt court was in session, Larkin and Teflon explained what had happened to the judge, Sigmund Demgorn, while having to avoid accusations by the prosecutor Osmund Astirian. In the end however Osmund had no solid evidence and had resorted to racist slurs. Their lawyer Godric Aelfwine pulled through and with the help of Ulric Teorian’s testament (a member of the town guard under Hrodgar Hervisa),the two were declared innocent. At that very moment Grenn and Eduggan burst through the doors into the hall ready to help, just to discover that the trial was done. They made a swift exit from the hall to avoid the prying eyes of the townspeople and made for the town gates.


1. Thanks for doing this
2. the town is called Brecanholt
3. Hrodgar has 5 rs in it

Session 2: Escaping the Law

Thanks I could’nt remember its name and on the map half of it is cut off

Session 2: Escaping the Law

God dammit, adventure logs are so cool! Nice one mate

Session 2: Escaping the Law


Session 2: Escaping the Law

Ed you Faggot

Session 2: Escaping the Law

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