Carstone Tournament

Session 3: Carstone sleeping arrangements

The labourous task of finding a bed in Carstone

After hearing the daring tale of how Grenn, Eduggan, Teflon & Larkin came to meet in tavern on the road to carstone, the party arrived at the great gates of Carstone town. Before entering, they were confronted by a guard known as Ocryn the group were told that Carstone was a peaceful town and that possession of weaponry was illegal to all with the exception of the guards. The majority of the group disgarded their weapons, Larkin however wary of the city as he was used to the more rural areas , kept one of his battle axes close and hidden.

The next challenge faced by the party was where to sleep. Grenn, obviously tired and frustrated at this point, immediately paid for a room in The Kings Head. Eduggan and Teflon, with the help of some stern talking to the innkeeper, managed to share a room , saving some coin for the tournament ahead. Larkin being used to the outdoors and not having any money to spend decided to set up camp outside the town along with his trusty companion ,Snow.

Later in the evening, Eduggan, Grenn & Larkin met up in common room of The Kings Head. As the party discussed what they should do next, Teflon burst into the room with the news that the Carstone tournament was the following day. She had been speaking with Ocryn and discovered that there would be an Archery competiton, Melee competition and Jousting. The jousting, however had a number of requirements to enter. Firstly only human nobles could enter the competition and secondly it would cost two hundred gold coins to enter. The only other way in was by being the victor in the melee competition. The group decided that they should show up to the tournament the next day and enter. And at that, they retired to their beds with glory in their dreams.



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