Edric Aeducan

The Duke of Carstone and the next in line to the throne


Early life:

Edric was born on the 14th of Siculia 1195 to King Aelred and Queen Freya. Rumors persist that because of her intense dislike for her adopted heir Brego Torquatus-Aeducan the Queen prayed to the fertility goddess Yvanna in a moment of desperation. Having never been able to conceive a child in 20 years of marriage it was deemed a miracle, divine intervention, by the augurs and priests. From this time on the Prince held the title “The Blessed.”

The Ducal Years:

At the age of 31 the Duke married Lady Miriel Beaumont and was bequeathed the title of Duke by his father. For his Duchy he was to take Aberstede, taking up residence in the town of [[Carstone.]] Within the year the Duchess gave birth to twins, a son and a daughter, Cedric and Telperian.


By all accounts the Duke is fair and just, he treats his subjects fairly (even members of the marked races.) There are even whisperings, among fairly radical elements, that the Prince would make a better ruler than his father. His more conservative subjects tend to disagree.

Edric Aeducan

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