King Aelred Aeducan

Ruling monarch over Dweorburg and its affiliated client states.



The current king rose to prominence through either a series of lucky coincidences or Machiavellian scheming. The King spent many years presiding of the Duchy of Aberstede situated to the west of the Carpenheim mountain range. The land beyond those mountains is populated mostly by a loosely affiliated collection of barbarian hordes. In 1179 these barbarians were beaten into a confederacy by the Ragewolf clan and began pouring over the mountains into Daeleria. Aberstede was the first region to fall but the Duke and Duchess were not killed in the attacks. Seemingly Aelred fled with his wife to some more hospitable part of the kingdom. Any aspersions cast on his bravery were soon brushed aside when he rode to the aid of the King as the barbarian leader, Madfang Ragewolf, managed to break through the defenses at Faesten Cynestol. Aelred hadn’t been simply cowering in another nobleman’s castle, instead he himself played the part of messanger and organised a sortie to ride with him to the capital.

What transpired when Aelred arrived is know only to himself. He maintains that he fought his way to the throne-room, pushing ahead of the army which he had led there, arriving just in time to see Madfang kill King Aldor. In a rage, Aelred says, he took his sword and ran the barbarian chieftain through before turning on his personal guard. Because other eyewitness reports can only attest to the fact that Aelred was the only warrior still standing rumors abound about what ‘truly’ happened in the throne-room.


The most far-fetched ‘re-imagining’ of the throne-room story runs like this:
Upon gaining access to the throne-room Aelred greets Madfang as a friend, together they slaughter all of the barbarians. Madfang removes his cloak and circlet, which signify him as chief of the barbarians and places them on one of his dead comrades. Aelred shows Madfang to a secret passage, known only to members of the kings inner-circle, and then murders the king, who has been bound by the barbarians. Madfang and the remainder of his army make off with the loot they ransacked from Aberstede and the capital and Aelred receives the kingship for his heroism, King Aldor only ever had daughters.

King Aelred Aeducan

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